The big surprise: Ivar

Dutch multi-instrumentalist and singer Ivar Vermeulen appears with an untitled CD in the category ‘nu-soul’. The IJmuidenaar was discovered in 2000 by talent scout Jan Tekstra and brought in as a musical prodigy. What do you want, if you write, compose, play and sing almost everything yourself with a dike of a voice.

The album features 11 adult pop songs by Gino Vannelli, Terence Trent D’Arby and Barry White.

On his debut CD, the boy with the warm voice makes a deep impression. And not just like that! Tightly produced soul with a sharp edge. Where many American soul mates engage with smooth, almost dulled songs, Ivar holds his own with potential hits.

Like ‘Non Stop’, a song that should go a long way in the international charts, and also ‘Day by Day’, which sounds like a song Buckshot LaFonque had his teeth set in. Ivar has a voice that can do a lot. Then he sounds like the sweet little boy in ‘Lesson’, then like the old White himself in ‘Magic’, and then again as a rough bolster in ‘I’m In Too Deep’.

Let it be clear Ivar is a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by saltless Craig Davids. Best songs: ‘Winter Blues’, and ‘Like I Do’: goosebumps at its most intense.

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