Wilhelm Rieber’s Maybach Tourbillon – captivates like its vehicles

The Maybach Tourbillon watch by Wilhelm Rieber and the Maybach luxury saloon car from Daimler Chrysler belong to the most elite class with in the world of bespoke and high luxury creations.

Both of these valuable objects are characterized by high quality materials, perfect craftsmanship and maximum precision. They embody the philosophy that once helped Maybach Motorenbau GmbH to secure a worldwide reputation. Creating the very best of the best, refused to be satisfied with the good – this is what makes Wilhelm Rieber’s creation, the expression of a great idea and watch of watches, a kindred spirit with the Maybach.

This highly exclusive watch collection has a deep connection with the number 12. Twelve cylinders make the Maybach engine a tremendous power house and only twelve of these fascinating Wilhelm Rieber’s Maybach watches will ever be made.

Where there is light there does not always to be shadow. And some times, what glitters really is gold. The philosopher’s stone is said transform base metals into gold. In tourbillon, it is not one but 17 unique stones that transform the nickel – silver movement in to precision instrument of the very highest caliber. The stones on the lower third wheel and centre wheel are set in screwed gold settings. The approximately 6mm thick full plate movement has a power reserve of 40 hours.

In this rare case, it’s worth taking a look at the back: the movement is decorated with fine Geneva stripes and hand engraved, gold plated signature tells you need to know about its origin, manufacturer and year of manufacture as well as serial number.

Whether measured by the phases of the moon or by hours- time remains indivisible. It runs cyclically, but it also runs out. Time is valuable as are the instruments we use to visualize and control it. The Maybach watch grants an insight into its inner workings and does not conceal its tempestuous nature.

68 individual parts, hardened, polished steel. Weighing only as much as about ten grains of rice and yet full of life; a Tourbillon lays bare the pulse of time. The hand crafted revolving carriage is easily recognizable. The 18 carat rose gold case holds together cock, mainspring and escapement, balance wheel and anchor, wheels and pinions, stones and screws. The varnished and printed dial presents both the hours and the Maybach emblem. The Breguet hands and the tip of the second hand are made of gold.

The Maybach Tourbillon by Wilhelm Rieber is handmade accordance with good old watch making craftsmanship. A few wheels, pinions, stones, screws and mainsprings are procured from outside and then reworked. Everything else is made exclusively by hand. As each of the Maybach vehicles, the Maybach watch is a unique piece that cannot be reproduced by just anyone. Although the watches and automobiles may appear similar from the outside, each example is unique and individual.

The straps are made of crocodile leather with an 18-carat rose-gold clasp. Alternative materials, decoration and watchstrap are available on request. Promising accessories include diamonds set into the dial, watchstrap or bezel, case deviation in platinum or white gold; monogram. The price for one of these rare pieces amounts to € 120,000 excluding VAT ($ 153,000).

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