Guerlain Shalimar Oiseau of Paradise


Jacques Guerlain’s ground-breaking, 1925 fragrance creation marked the first oriental scent in modern perfume making and heralded the greatest love story of all time. Shalimar is a symbol of the passionate love that the Indian Emperor Shah Jahan bore for his wife Muntaz Mahal. At her feet, he laid out a carpet of extraordinary flowers: the sumptuous Gardens of Shalimar. Clear springs were said to run through the heart of these gardens while fountains hummed, filling basins and fountain bowls with the crystalline murmur of water. It is also told that a pair of Birds of Paradise with magnificent plumage were the day-and-night guardians of a love potion in these gardens.

Now Maison Guerlain launched Shalimar Oiseau of Paradise for most elegant and confident women. Guerlain has imagined a legendary décor to accompany the new opus of Shalimar Eau de Parfum. The slender silhouette of the perfume’s two guardian angels throws a matte shadow outline against the night-blue backdrop of the box, illuminated by the gentle shimmer of the golden logo. The bottle’s feminine shoulders appear bathed in glossy moonlight, wearing a sophisticated silk feather draping around the neck, held in place by a blue satin ribbon. The Oiseau de Paradis signature is inscribed in golden ink with light, slender handwriting, resembling the creatures that have inspired it. A sort of invitation to a mirage, in which dreams could take flight into the evening light, rising towards other tales that Shalimar may soon whisper to us in our sleep…


Guerlain Shalimar Oiseau of Paradise is a limited-edition fragrance with a dark blue bottle that accentuates a woman’s certain desire and inner feelings. Shalimar Oiseau of Paradise, aka Shalimar Birds of Paradise, expresses a woman’s softness and femininity with its ultra sensual and alluring notes. It is a fragrance with lots of compliments and praise. Women, who love and wear Shalimar Oiseau of Paradise, will always look free spirited, seductive and graceful.

Shalimar Oiseau of Paradise symbolizes an endless and passionate love between two lovers. With jealous secrecy the pair guards the fragrant essence of this eternal love story. Between floral and amber notes, it comes to life in the freshness of flowers. This feminine perfume opens with fresh lovely flowers, gentle iris, irresistible jasmine and roses along with heart notes of vanilla. The perfume calms down on the skin with base note of Tonka bean.


Guerlain Shalimar Oiseau of Paradise comes in a night-blue bottle; lighten up by the gentle shimmer of the golden logo and a blue satin ribbon. When the stopper is removed, the bottle breathes out a mysterious sensation of a moment yet to be lived.  Guerlain Shalimar Oiseau de Paradis is a new edition of Shalimar available as 50 ml Eau de Parfum.




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