Lancôme Magnifique

Lancôme Magnifique Visual1.jpg

Last year, Lancôme magnetized and magnified all its fans with the release of one of the most passionate and hot perfume Magnifique Perfume for Women. Magnifique perfume comes with the slogan ‘You are unique; you are Magnifique’, and is described as a truly exceptional perfume created by perfumers Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavallier.

Lancôme Magnifiqueis known to be a woody/floral and a little bit spicy fragrance with distinctive notes that constantly lure and temp. Stunning and beautiful actress Anne Hathaway is the spokesperson and the face of this remarkable perfume. Anne Hathaway’s fragile, pure and elegant appearance and beauty perfectly describes the nature and pleasant smell of Lancôme Magnifique perfume.

You are unique; you are Magnifique

Lancôme Magnifiquedraws you into a world of romance with saffron essence and cumin notes along with fruity heart notes of Bulgarian rose, Mai de Grasse rose and jasmine. The perfume melts down on the skin with soft vetiver, sandalwood and nagarmota notes. Lancôme Magnifique is deliberate as ‘an olfactive interpretation of red’. This magnifique perfume comes in a crystal bottle colored from white to intense red color and a silver cap. Both colors symbolize passion and freedom, love and pureness.

Lancôme Magnifiquefile_3_2

Every one of us wants to leave a strong first impression about our pleasant smell and look. With Lancôme Magnifique you are more than sure to impress everyone. Wear this radiating perfume and have a luminous, refined, incandescent aura.

Lancôme Magnifique Perfume is available in 30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum.




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