When I see red, it better could be Lalique’s Le Parfum Red Crystal Edition


Lalique Masque de Femme

Composed by perfumer Dominique Ropion in 2005 Lalique created Lalique Le Parfum. It is a voluptuous oriental with an interesting and unusual aromatic facet.

Le Parfum by Lalique combines bergamot and red pepper with jasmine and heliotrope to create an enchanting and exotically feminine scent. This soft and sensual Oriental fragrance for women has a beautiful, gently-spicy accord top notes, with a candied floral heart and a velvety vanillic drydown.




The top notes of bergamot, bay leaf and pink pepper give way to a sensual heart of jasmine and heliotrope with almond accents. At its base is an unforgettable sillage made up of passionate patchouli tenderly soothed by vanilla.

Lalique Le Parfum has an unforgettable and enveloping sillage for the accomplished, assertive and sophisticated woman.

Elegant, rich and sensual, Lalique Le Parfum is a timeless and luxurious classic, reprising themes from René Lalique’s designs. The Eau de Parfum bottle takes the shape of a luxurious glass cube topped with a stopper combining black and clear glass which features the famous ‘Masque de Femme’ motif originally created in 1935 by René Lalique.

Lalique Le Parfum Masque de Femme

In 2007 Lalique was issuing a limited edition of Lalique Le Parfum in a beautiful red crystal flacon decorated with a motif designed by Lalique in 1935 called ‘Masque de Femme’ (Woman’s mask).

This sensational Crystal Limited Edition is a modern interpretation of the Lalique spirit – timelessly elegant with exquisite attention to detail. A sophisticated flacon highlights the ‘Masque de Femme’, an original motif created by René Lalique in 1935. A refined glass bottle is capped by a square cabochon.  Sculpted into its façade is the famous ‘Masque de Femme’.



The motif is also reproduced in a necklace of black braid with a crystal jewel enlacing the neck of the bottle. The black rope with Masque de Femme would make a beautiful matching pendant. The flacon is presented as a jewel, in a black square lacquerware box, as sophisticated as a jewel coffret.




The flacon is signed, numbered and complete with certificate. This collector’s will retail 650 Euros for 25 ml.


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