Hermès Eau Claire des Merveilles

Hermes Eau Claire des Merveilles ad.jpg

Perfume has been a part of the brand’s history since the 1930s. In the library of Maison Hermès perfumes, every creation tells a story, opens up an imaginary world. Hermès demonstrates through its perfumes the excellence of its craftsmanship, its artistry, and its creative freedom.

Luxurious! Now Maison Hermès launched Eau Claire des Merveilles as a fresh and lively perfume that resembles the magic water. Hermès Eau Claire des Merveilles is a very delightful and pleasant fragrance for modern women. Eau Claire des Merveilles was created by famous perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena and he described this scent as soft, delicate, pure and sensual.

Top: Citrus, Aldehydes
Heart: Floral notes, Spices
Bottom: Vanilla, Powder, Driftwood

Created by Jean-Claude Ellena, Hermès Eau Claire des Merveilles blends an incandescent variety of soft vanilla, warm amber and exotic woods. Perfume also features flowery notes, airy notes and powdery notes. Exotic and fresh may be a contradiction, but not in the case of this perfume. It has woody and warm amber notes mixed with such notes as powder, soft vanilla, airy notes, as well as a veil of floral notes. You put it on and you immediately tell yourself: ‘Today will be all good’.

Hermès Eau Claire des Merveilles Eau Parfumée.jpg

Eau Claire des Merveilles preserves the original glass flacon, designed by Serge Mansau, decorated with small bubbles.

Hermès Eau Claire des Merveilles is available in two size, 50 and 100 ml Eau Parfumée.




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