MB&F meets Boucheron – the JwlryMachine

What could possibly bring together the 152-year-old House of Boucheron, that most venerable of France’s high-jewellery Houses, and MB&F, the cutting-edge Swiss creative laboratory whose Horological Machines first invaded our planet only a few years ago? The answer is the JwlryMachine, an astonishing haute-joaillerie version of MB&F’s Horological Machine No.3.

Ten years ago Max Busser started with the Opus series at Harry Winston, a ground breaking concept that was the talk of the town during Baselworld for the past ten years. Five years later Max Busser left what many considered a dream job, as head of Harry Winston Timepieces, in order to set up Maximilian Büsser and Friends.

MB&F creates small series of mechanical sculptures that tell the time and does this in collaboration with talented professionals. And today… he releases the result of another collaboration.

The owl’s eyes are large glowing cabochons, set over the twin cones, and its sparkling wings, wrapped protectively around the precious HM3 engine, are entirely pavé-set with brilliant-cut stones. Its feathered breast is sculpted and engraved from a single block of amethyst or rose quartz. The glowing eyes, sparkling wings and softly gleaming breast create a carefully choreographed play of light. But most mesmerising of all: beneath the owl’s breast, its heart appears to be beating. The visual illusion is created by the faintly perceived swings of MB&F’s solid-gold battle-axe-shaped rotor beneath the translucent stone.

MB&F meets Boucheron. A co-production of the 152-year-old French jewelry house of Boucheron and the young, cutting-edge Swiss creative laboratory whose Horological Machines first invaded our planet five years ago? The result is the JwlryMachine, an astonishing haute-joaillerie version of MB&F’s Horological Machine 3.

The JwlryMachine is based on MB&F’s Horological Machine No.3 or in short HM3. When the HM3 was released the watch-making world was astonished, amazed or just fell of their chairs. The new JwlryMachine will again amaze watch aficionados worldwide. You may love it or hate it, but the level of craftsmanship is just mind-boggling.

Under the intricate Maison Boucheron haute joaillerie of this Jwlrymachine beats the heart of the complex 305-component Engine of the MB&F Horological Machine No.3. A three-dimensional horological engine designed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht/Agenhor, powered by a Sowind base, with a 22k gold battle-axe shaped automatic winding rotor. The hour and minutes information is transmitted via ceramic ball bearings to laser-cut hands.

Based on this magnificent Horological Machine, Boucheron’s artisans have created a three-dimensional jewelled owl, presented either in 18k white gold, with amethyst, diamonds and blue and violet sapphires, or in 18k red gold, with pink tourmaline, rose quartz, diamonds and pink sapphires.

The owl’s eyes are large glowing cabochons, set over the twin cones that rise majestically from the three-dimensional sculpted case: a dynamic sculpture that also tells the time. While the original HM3 was already not for the faint hearted, the JwlryMachine takes it even a step further.

Because the watches are made to order, MB&F and Boucheron promise that almost any color the client can imagine will be feasibly available. For men I’m imagining a custom model in all black – and grey diamonds – and while with yellow eyes. And what to think about a snow-owl?

The JwlryMachine will be highly limited and watches will be mostly made to order. A few MB&F retailers will carry them, but for the most part the watches will be available through Boucheron boutiques around the world. Prices for the MB&F HM3 JwlryMachine will start at $215,000 and depend on the version as well as exchange rates. Come into the beautiful and timeless world of MB&F.

4 thoughts on “MB&F meets Boucheron – the JwlryMachine

    1. Yeah! Boucheron is – one of – my favorite Maison’s! But it’s almost too much bling bling. Beautiful, precious, and kitsch for the very rich. Glad Im not a girl!

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