Salvador Dali Dalilight

Salvador Dali Dalilight ad

Even though the legendary figure Salvador Dali passed away years ago, his signature remained in our hearts till today. Since 1980, Jean-Pierre Grivory holds the license for all the Salvador Dali perfume line. Dali was always the person that gained public attention thanks to its eccentric and unusual manner. Salvador Dali was a versatile artist with exceptional skills which made him worldwide famous.


In 2011, Salvador Dali will introduce to the world his new ‘deliciously fresh’ fragrance Dalilight. Created by Michel Almairac and Sidonie Lancesseur, this fruity floral perfume designed for women has an alluring design, a grandiose and gracious power to seduce any men. Dalilight by Salvador Dali will inspire ladies of all ages to be dream about expensive accessories, like Dalilight – a priceless perfume in the hand of any woman. Salvador Dali Dalilight for Women will accentuate your attractiveness and feminine charm. This fresh fragrance features notes of lemon, apple, jasmine, amber and water lily.

Unlike the previous woody citrus perfume Salvador Dali Laguna Maravilla (2010), Dalilight will be more fresher – a fragrance with a constant whirlwind of emotion.


Salvador Dali Dalilight 100 ml 2

The bottle perfectly illustrates the softness and freshness of this new fragrance. Its color – transparent frosted blue – awakens a sensation of exquisite shivers. The sculpture-like bottle created for ‘Dalissime’, modeled after the famous Salvador Dali painting entitled ‘Navidad’ (Christmas), was chosen to contain this delicate fragrance.


Navidad, 1946. Salvador Dali ‘felicitacion de navidad’, vogue cover

This painting, through a stereoscopic effect produced by superimposing one side upon the other around a central column, depicts a woman’s face whose nose and mouth – emblematic themes in Salvador Dali’s art – form the bottle. The column’s capital forms the cap. Transparent and frosted effects impart freshness to the glass that is further enhanced by its overall pale blue hue.


Salvador Dali Dalilight 100 ml 1

Dalvador Dali Dalilight is availble in three sizes, 100 ml, 50 ml and 30 ml Eau de Toilette Spray.





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