Maison Boucheron Cabinet de Curiosités


Boucheron has a thing about snakes. The latest collection from of the French Maison, called ‘Cabinet de Curiosités’, is full of weird and wonderful creatures of the night, and lots of slithering serpents.

Wrapped around your finger, bejewelled scales shimmering with colour, a serpent’s head guards a luscious precious stone. Pythons with verdant tsavorites and diamond markings meander up the arm. The little forked tongue can be retracted for more formal occassions.




Boucheron ‘Cabinet de Curiosités’ Adam necklace, set with 938 garnets, 453 red spinels, 355 pink spinels, 219 yellow sapphires, 64 briljant cut diamonds, and 5 emerald.



Boucheron ‘Cabinet de Curiosités’ Adam bracelet, set with 548 spessartite garnets, 248 red and pink spinels, yellow sapphires, 6 emeralds, and 26 briljant cut diamonds on pink 18k gold.



Boucheron ‘Cabinet de Curiosités’ Python bracelet, with 700 tsavorites, 440 sapphires, and 120 briljant cut diamonds in 18k white gold.


BoucherondetalofPythonbracelet_jpg__1536x0_q75_crop-scale_subsampling-2_upscale-falseClose up of the Boucheron ‘Cabinet de Curiosités’ Python bracelet.



Close up of the Boucheron ‘Cabinet de Curiosités’ Python ring with a 17,36 carat cushion cut pink Ceylon sapphire, 330 pink and 51 purple sapphires set into 18k rose gold.




Close up of the Boucheron ‘Cabinet de Curiosités’ Python ring with a 15,64 carat cushion cut aquamarine, 340 rubies, and two emeralds set into blackened gold.

Come into the wonderful world of Boucheron.





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