Mauboussin Pour Elle


French ‘haute’ jeweler en watchmaker Mauboussin is releasing a new perfume Mauboussin Pour Elle, early this March. Elegant and chic, the new perfume marks the sensual yet fragile femininity. The bottle, which is shaped like a star represents brand’s signature, with a top designed as a ring symbolizing love and loyalty.

Mauboussin Pour Elle is a falling in love perfume, a symbol of devotion and faith. This Elixir of love is a priceless perfume in any woman’s wardrobe. This alluring perfume will leave behind a pleasant smell wherever you go. That’s why with Pour Elle you will always feel in the center of attention, you will feel charismatic and irresistible.

Mauboussin Pour Elle combines floral with fruity notes which make the perfume be more memorable and faithful to the skin. Pour Elle opens with fresh notes of red fruits, orange blossom accompanied by gardenia, rose, jasmine, smooth caramel, amber and sandalwood.



Pour Elle by Mauboussin is an ultra feminine and highly qualitative perfume for women who know how to emancipate excellent manners. It comes in three sizes, 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.



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