Chloé Rose Edition


Fashion house Chloé welcomes this year’s spring with a new limited edition on the variation of Chloé Eau de Parfum fragrance from 2008, named Chloé Rose Edition. The new perfume is inspired by lots of delightful flowers, mainly roses. Chloé Rose Edition is a very feminine, fresh, soft and tempting fragrance designed to leave behind an invisible seductive aura. Like the mystical spell of romance, Rose Edition is a constant whirlwind of emotion – very sexy, fresh and caressing – it will express the tender thrill of first love.

Chloé Rose Edition focuses mainly on rose notes, however, it also features magnolia, lily of the valley, amber and an accord of cedar that adds a final note of irresistible sensuality.  Rose Edition comes in a feminine and lavish crystal bottle of soft creamy tones with a bright pink ribbon located on the neck of the bottle.


f2ad20a8837b363544fd1283d81900e461fe999dThe perfume comes in a refined glass bottle of soft creamy tones. The design is the same as the original, only this time decorated with a bright pink bow located on.

Chloé Rose Edition new perfume will became a spring sensation for ladies that love to live in glamour and luxury.

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