Versace Bright Crystal

Versace Bright Crystal ad2

Italian fashion house Versace is constantly pleasing its perfume wearers with the most vibrant, sensual, warm and thrilling perfumes. Versace Bright Crystal perfume for women was introduced on the industry market late 2005. It is still considered one of the best-selling Versace perfumes. With a delightful smell, ultra-feminine and exquisite, this perfume constantly draws compliments form others. Bright Crystal – as the name suggests – brightens up your mood and also those who are with you.

birghtcrystalThe pink colored bottle announces softer and more luminous fragrance in comparison with Crystal Noir. Bright Crystal surrounds the wearer with summery feelings of joy and happiness. Nowadays popular fruity note gives the composition slightly gourmand nuance. The top notes are pomegranate, Yuzu and frosted accord. Peony and magnolia are in the centre of the composition, while waterly fresh lotus note moderates the intensity and sweetnes of the floral accords. The opulent base introduces amber note extracted from plants, musk and red woods. The fragrance was created by perfumer Alberto Morillas in 2005.

Versace Bright Crystal ad.jpg

What I can say about Bright Crystal Perfume? This fragrance has a staying power, is long-lasting yet it is not that light scent that you will always like to spray on you. However, despite its strong smell, Bright Crystal will put a spotlight on you. I am not a big fan of this lasting citrusy smell yet it has a charming look and a modern design.





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