Brutal Truth


Passionate about music, art and literature, photographer Michael Alago is the quintessential New Yorker with an ‘only in New York’ career. From signing metal gods Metallica to shooting some of the hottest roughnecks on the planet, Alago’s story is driven by creativity, instinct and guts. He worked with artists as different as White Zombie, Alan Vega, Johnny Rotten, Michael Feistein, Cyndi Lauper and Nina Simone.

Rough Gods photographer Michael Alago has thrilled us with his ongoing series of erotically charged images which are powerful, seductive and sometimes a one two punch to the head that leaves you breathless.

s-l1600 (1)

In ‘Butal Truth’, the much anticipated follow up to his first sellout book ‘Rough Gods’ he continues to share with us the masculinity of the macho men we all have come to adore; muscular, hairy, tattooed, strong and testosterone fueled.

Come on in and enter the world of Alago’s images. You will be delighted with the virile strength of these men in this provocative 260 page book.

Publisher: Bruno Gmuender GmbH
ISBN: 9783867870962




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