Pink Sparkle Kylie Minogue

Pink Sparkle Kylie Minogue Visual

Last year sparkling singer Kylie Minogue launched a shining, feminine fragrance named Pink Sparkle. Full of positive emotions, energy and spirit, Kylie Minogue Pink Sparkle is inspired by pink champagne. It is a glamorous perfume for cosmopolitan women.

With Pink Sparkle, I wanted to create an elegant, feel-good fragrance that takes you to a wonderful place of optimism and vitality. I like to think of it as an open invitation to join me in celebrating all that is good in life. Pink Sparkle is a sophisticated fragrance dedicated to all women who are in harmony with themselves and the world.

Kylie Minogue

Pink Sparkle is soaked with a fresh cocktail of pink grapefruit, white peach and lily of the valley along with heart notes of champagne accord, gardenia and jasmine. Perfume settles with base notes of musk, Bourbon vetiver and vanilla.

Top: Pink grapefruit, Lilly of the Valley
Heart: White peach, Gardenia, Jasmine, Champagne accord
Base: Musk, Vetiver and Vanilla

Pink Sparkle is a nice and calm fragrance suitable for anytime of the day wear. I like its peaceful aroma, as it makes me feel happy, relaxed and reconciled. It is a worthy to try fragrance thanks to its radiating enigmatic notes and inaccessible female aura.

Pink Sparkle Kylie Minogue Flacon Box

Kylie Minogue Pink Sparkle perfume is captured in an elegant pink flacon with a gold stopper, wich is available in 15 and 30 ml Eau de Toilette.  There is also a 200 ml shower gel, 200 ml body lotion and 75 ml deodorant spray available.






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