Eva Mendes the new face Thierry Mugler Angel

Eva Mendes the new face Thierry Mugler Angel Visual

Thierry Mugler launched Angel for Women in 1992. An unique vanilla/oriental fragrance full of life, positive feelings and sincerity. Since its release Thierry Mugler Angel perfume was advertised by many gorgeous celebrities like Estelle Lefébure, Jerry Hal, Naomi Watts, Amy Wesson and Bianca Balti. This year sexy actress Eva Mendes is announced the new face of this timeless and elegant perfume.

I grew up with Angel. I remember thinking, as a child, ‘That’s what a woman smells like.’ I’m the baby in my family by 10 years, and my sisters wore it. It comes full circle now that I’d be the face of Angel.

Eva Mendes

Captivating, luring and breathtaking. Thierry Mugler Angel is a powerful, voluptuous and ultra-feminine fragrance with a sense of euphoria. Angel opens with chocolate, vanilla and caramel notes along with base notes of patchouli, dewberry, plum and honey.




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