Guerlain Idylle Extrait

Guerlain Idylle video

Maison Guerlain fills up the Idylle perfume collection with one more thrilling and fabulous perfume, Idylle Extrait. Guerlain Idylle Extrait is a tribute to women and a priceless elixir with exceptional notes of chypre/floral composition.

Thierry Wasser composed his bouquet like a florist, with a light, exuberant touch, to encapsulate the idea of the idyll, a joyous light-hearted romance. He had to measure every drop to achieve the perfect harmony, to arouse unprecedented and unforgettable sensations through the power of scent.

Hypnotic, exuding more sensuality than innocence, Guerlain Idylle L’Extrait is an intimate elixir composed of exceptional raw materials. Idylle Extrait blends soft and enchanting notes of rose absolute, raspberry, lychee, freesia and ambrettem. These notes touched by pure elegance evokes modern femininity.  A romantic and nostalgic fragrance for mysterious and passionate women. 


Idylle Extrait de Parfum flacon 11ml

Guerlain Idylle Extrait

This fragrance merited a masterpiece. Ora-ïto, the iconoclast and visionary designer, designed for Idylle a tear of joy and feminine happiness, a love drop, a golden drop.

There isn’t still information about Guerlain Idylle Extrait sizes, however, I will fill it as quickly as I will find it.  





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