Cartier De Lune

Cartier De Lune Visual

Early this year Maison Cartier presented its new floral woody perfume De Lune. Cartier De Lune was created by in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent as a fresh, delightful and enchanting perfume for sensual and fragile women.

A perfume made of moonlight. A moment of elegance, enveloped in the freshness and serenity of a luminous night. A soft, delicate sensation encircling the whole body, like a floral caress unfolding from the shimmer of the moon, from a spell.

Cartier De Lune opens with an absolutely mouthwatering, delicious blend of pink pepper, juniper berries, honeysuckle, rose, lily-of-the-valley, and cyclamen along with base notes of wood and musk that add the final flourish.


De Lune comes in a crystal bottle with a moonlight blue colour and a silvered metallic cap engraved with a moon crescent and pearls. Its stylish yet pure design is inviting. Eye-catching and vibrant, Cartier De Lune is a must-have perfume for summer time.

Cartier De Luneis available as 40 and 75 ml Eau de Toilette.








2 thoughts on “Cartier De Lune

    1. I also use it myself. Also great after a day of hard working, commin’ home and taking a shower.
      Or what you say for hot summer nights!


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