Cartier Eau de Cartier Essence d’Orange


On top of this year’s editions Baiser Vole and Cartier De Lune, Cartier will delight all their fans with a refreshing composition of limited edition Eau de Cartier Essence d’Orange, successor to last years’ unisex perfume Eau de Cartier Essence d’Orange. The new Cartier fragrance is so pure and light that its needs no words to be described. This smell pleasantly cools you and makes your aura shine of happiness and liveliness.

Just like in last year’s edition, Cartier Eau de Cartier Essence d’Orange stars with tempering ingredients. Top notes await us with sweet and juicy orange and bergamot, contributing to good mood with its luminous and optimistic chords. The heart provides sophisticated, velvety petals of violet, along with subtle fruit and flower notes mixed with pleasant and warm woody nuances (cedar and patchouli) and warm amber resting in a base of the composition.

Eau de Cartier Essence d’Orange refreshing smell succeeds in awakening any connoisseur’s senses to dream and dare for more pleasures.

Cartier Eau de Cartier Essence d'Orange Lim. Edition 2011 Summer Bottle

Eau de Cartier Essence d’Orange comes in a limited edition bottle ornamented with bright colorful mosaic. Golden reflection of the mosaic on the flacon is refreshed with discrete orange color details and characterize surface of the cylindrical flacon body. Its see-through flacon hides light orange liquid and announces refreshing citruses in the top of the composition. Game of freshness, cutting light and gentle orange glitter of the fluid promise a pleasant summer composition for hot days.

Cartier Eau de Cartier Essence d`Orange Limited Edition is available as 100 ml.






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