Marcelle Hydra-C Hydrating Gel

Marcelle Hydra-C Hydrating Gel Jar Box

Visiting great places, meeting wonderful people. And looking for ‘new’ products. I love to travel.  …..or to have friends who travel. I hadn’t heard from Marcelle before. so when I got the Marcelle Hydra-C Hydrating Gel from a friend, who took it for me from her trip to Canada, it was a pleasant surprise.

The gel smells pleasantly citrusy and is super light and refreshing on the skin. Usually, that means that the moisturizing qualities of the product are somewhat diminished in favour of quick absorption, but the Hydra-C Hydrating Gel keeps even my ridiculously dry – dehydrated – skin, hydrated all day without greasiness. It absorbs extremely quickly and doesn’t leave skin with that creamy, just hydrated feel so it’s really excellent to wear under makeup.

It doesn’t contain any alcohol to help create that cooling sensation. What it does have is antioxidant green tea, vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as hyalurionic acid to combat dryness and prevent moisture loss. Provitamin B5 also hydrates and relieves itchiness.

Marcelle Hydra-C Hydrating Gel open

An amazing product for the warmer months and even coming into the fall season when the heavier creams that are better for winter chapped skin are still too heavy for everyday use – for many people. You may use it as a Day Cream or Night Cream, or both.

Overall, a fabulous product. It rates high up on my list of great moisturizers and is just as hydrating as the Dior Hydra Life line which is literally three times the price of this amazing drugstore find. Thanx Greg, to introduce this moisturizer to me.








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