Sisley Eau d’Ikar

Sisley Eau d_Ikar Visual2

French skincare and cosmetics company Sisley has recently introduced a magnificent masculine fragrance Eau d’Ikar. Sisley Eau d’Ikar perfume is company’s debut scent for men, for those who love freedom and adventurous nights.

Sisley Eau d’Ikar is described as a woody aromatic fragrance made of sweet and lovely notes of mastic, lemon, iris, jasmine, bergamot, orange, white tea, amber, sandalwood and vetiver.


Sisley Eau d_Ikar For Men Bottles Boxes

Sisley Eau d’Ikar will be available on the markets from October 1. Watch below the amazing and thrilling video of Sisley Eau d’Ikar Perfume:






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