Balenciaga L’Essence

Balenciaga L`Essence ad 1

Maison Balenciaga launched, inspired by spring lovely flowers, a new floral green perfume, Balenciaga L’Essence.

L’Essence, a feminine and modern fragrance. An intense fragrance that captures the essence of Balenciaga Paris with asserted sophistication.

Nicolas Ghesquière

Created by Olivier Polge, L’Esssence is impulsive. L’Essence is unambiguous. On the skin, L’Essence is as pure as the searing honesty of short-lived flowers. Violet leaves are like a blast of woodland and their youthful energy stimulates the skin. Violet leaves are unfailingly honest and offer up their exquisite coarseness. Vetiver also takes the upper hand, wild, unruly and incisive…  L’Essence engages and dazzles with its modulations.

Balenciaga L`Essence ad 2

Balenciaga L’Essence is described as a stylish modern fragrance with a strong aroma.  An intimate fragrance with the intensity of violet. While the first Balenciaga Paris fragrance captured the classic side of the brand, L’Essence gets closer to the skin with leather and vibrant woody notes revealing the modern facet of Balenciaga. An assertive sophistication that is elegant with a touch of mystery.

Balenciaga L’Essence comes in the same classic yet modern prism-shaped Balenciaga Paris faceted bottle with simultaneously sharp and soft ribbing. It has a reflective, raw effect, as pure as a sharp-edged jewel, like those dark, sensual necklaces made of haematite, a semi-precious stone from the mists of time, slightly poisonous and highly magnetic.


Balenciaga L_Essence Candle 2011

It has a greenly juicy along with the pyrite collar and hematite cap, truly reflecting the high quality and savoir-faire of the brand. The face of L’Essence is Balenciaga-Muse Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Balenciaga L’Essence by Balenciaga is available in 30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum with an beautiful accompanying scented candle (210 ml).




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