Guerlain will launch Le Bolshoi ‘Большой’

The Bolshoi Ballet

Thé Bolshoï (Большой) (which means ‘grand’) dates back to 1776, and has quite the history with fires — it burned down a few years after it was built, and again after it was reconstructed by architect Joseph Bove. The theater as it’s seen today dates to Alberto Cavos’ rebuild in 1856 (Cavos also built Mariinsky Theater in Saint Petersburg, Bolshoi’s rival theater) and features an eight-pillar façade, complete with a neoclassical pediment and Apollo in a horse-drawn chariot – which is the building’s symbol. With 1,700 seats, the interior is draped in red and gold, with four balconies and a gallery.

French Maison Guerlain will launch a tribute perfume named Le Bolshoi for the new legendary theater Bolshoï (Большой) in Moscow. Guerlain, which is one of their official sponsors of the restoration, will help them collect more money with the launch of a new limited-edition perfume. Despite the money they donate, Guerlain Le Bolshoi – which will appear at only 400 copies – will be the additional revenue.  On October 27, 2011 Le Bolshoi Perfume will show up at the Tsum store located at the corner of Maison Guerlain


Guerlain Le Bolshoi

Guerlain Le Bolshoi Perfume will have a harsh temper yet soft enough to warm any Russian woman. The nose behind this arresting fragrance is perfumer Jean-Paul Guerlain. Le Bolshoi Perfume blends notes of bitter orange, neroli, jasmine, petitgrain, ylang-ylang, Tonka bean, violet leaf, vanilla, white musky accords and incense.

Guerlain Le Bolshoi perfume comes in a beautiful limited-edition bottle.




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