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After Timeless and Luscious Roses JoAnne Bassett suprises us with a new unisex fragrance. Esoterica  is a limited edition natural fragrance launched by the California-based JoAnne Bassett perfumes.  JoAnne Bassett Esoterica is a pure indulgence fragrance with a precious smell made only of natural oils and of fines and softest materials.

Like all other perfumes of this collection, Esoterica is a natural perfume of 36% fragrance strength in an organic base of jojoba oil. Created by herself, the perfume is composed of sensual and rich fragrance of Damask rose otto, expensive and rare Bulgarian alba (white) rose otto, sensual jasmine sambac, exotic and costly neroli (orange blossoms), vanilla absolute, bergamot, patchouli, sandalwood, and many other citrus and floral notes in an organic jojoba oil base.

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JoAnne Bassett Esoterica Parfum holds ½ ounce of parfum strengthen in an organic base of jojoba oil. Its priceless and exquisite look and unique smell differentiate among other perfumes.

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Esoterica is housed in the same precious bottle as Temptress. This magnificent handmade crystal bottle has ‘ribbons of color running down the sides’. The flacon resembles sea waves and the sea peace.

JoAnne Bassett Esoterica is already available in 15 ml Eau de Parfum for $350.



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