Les Exclusifs de Chanel Jersey


Maison Chanel adds to its famous Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection a new wonderful and feminine perfume Jersey. Chanel Jersey is inspired and named after the favorite fabric of Gabrielle Chanel – Jersey. The new lovely and fresh perfume, which will evoke warm and sweet emotions, is created by perfumer Jacques Polge. 

Chanel Jersey perfume opens with a sweet indulgence of lavender and meadow lush along with evocative heart notes of vanilla. The musky base leaves a strong impression of a seductive yet sophisticated perfume.


Mademoiselle Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel wearing a jersey suit in Biarritz, 1928 (photo by Roger Violle)

When Chanel perfumer Jacques Polge was creating Jersey, he chose a fresh simple lavender from the environs of Montpellier and used a dry steam distillation which is quite possibly why this lovely is far from traditional notions of ‘old lady’ lavender. It takes the Lavender that is long associated with traditional mens’ fragrances and re-works it for women, leaving far behind in the distance any notions of real olde worlde ‘ladies in lavender’.

It’s underlying warmth of comforting musk, vanilla and the slightest hint of patchouli make for a light perfume that says ‘i am comfortable enough in my own skin, thank you very much’, don’t make a fuss. And why should it? Jersey in fabric terms has always been easy to wear and takes the shape of the wearer. Why should its perfume namesake be any different?

Chanel Jersey is now available as 75 and 200ml Eau de ToiletteLes Exclusifs de Chanel Jersey bottles






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