Bond No.9 New York Amber


Bond No.9 New York City is presenting their new fragrance Amber. As the names suggests, Bond No.9 New York Amber blends a lot of ambery notes that leave a sensual aroma behind.  With a full undertone of bergamot, saffron, nutmeg, white peppercorn, rose, jasmine, osmanthus, oud, amber and sandalwood, Amber Perfume is for sure to allure and tempt.

At Bond No.9, we’ve built our reputation on New York-centric scents that capture and are named for the spirit of our great city’s legendary and up-and-coming neighborhoods – from Riverside Drive to Nouveau Bowery to Coney Island. But concurrently, we’ve lately begun designing eaux de parfum that are metro-accented odes to our favorite fragrance notes. Simply put, our mission is to New York-ify these legendary scent notes, composing blends that bring out their metro bona fides. First came New York Oud, a homage to the Eastern-world wood, which we modernized and energized for our fast-paced, multifarious cityscape.

Like the burnished jewel that it is, the amber in New York Amber is accentuated with precious scent accords that bring out its metro-smarts. Its starter spice notes – saffron, nutmeg, and white peppercorns – are lightened up with zesty bergamot. Next, a classic bouquet of rose, jasmine, and osmanthus takes over. All of the above are designed to pave the way for the lingering base notes: amber at its warmest, surrounded and enhanced by oud, sandalwood, musk, and myrrh. This is seduction at its most seamless and assured.



Just in time for the holidays, New York Amber arrives on-counter November 1st and will be sold at Bond No.9’s six New York stores, select branches of Saks Fifth Avenue, and

Bond No.9 New York Amber perfume will be available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.



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