Avon Step Into Sexy

Avon Step Into Sexy Visual

American beauty company Avon is launching a new provocative and romantic perfume for women Step Into Sexy. Avon Step Into Sexy describes a self-realized woman with a tempting aura and an inner unforgettable charm. Step Into Sexy is a pleasant perfume that will delight any noses.


Avon Step Into Sexy opens with fruity notes black raspberry and violet leaf along with floral notes of freesia, rosewood, butterfly orchid. The base notes of cashmere, orris root and ambergris make this a perfume with great staying power.

At Avon, beauty means finding a great new fragrance like Step Into Sexy, but it also means championing economic empowerment and improving the lives of women around the world. It’s very special to work with someone like Christy who shares our Avon values.

Lily Destefano, Avon Vice President of Marketing

Avon Step Into Sexy is advertised by beautiful – as ever! – supermodel and Avon spokesperson Christy Turlington Burns. Perfume comes in a sleek purple bottle with the name decorated in a curvy script.


Avon Step-Into-Sexy-Bottle

Avon Step Into Sexy perfume is available as 50 ml Eau de Parfum.




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