Boucheron Bestiary collection

boucheron-bubu-ring-in-white-gold-one-ruby-orange-and-yellow-sapphires-brown-and-white-diamonds-with-two-emeralds.jpgFrench Maison Boucheron likes to monkey around with animal-inspired jewels and the latest menagerie offers some surprises as a zebra or camel would not be my first choice of finger adornment, but in Boucheron’s hand even the most unusual beast is beautiful.


BOUCHERON. Zebra ring. Pink sapphire, black and blue sapphires and white diamonds. Price from £27,600.

BOUCHERON. Giraffe ring. Yellow gold with white, brown and orange diamonds, orange and blue sapphires. Price from £48,100

BOUCHERON. Hathi ring. White and yellow gold, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires. Price from £68,500.



Come into the wonderful world of Boucheron






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