Loewe La Coleccion


It’s something very special when one of your favourite class act brands announces the launch of a perfume collection in conjunction with Harrods. Masters of Spanish sophistication and supple luxurious leather, Loewe, have done just that – La Coleccion by Loewe is a high density perfume de luxe onslaught of four fragrances especially created to reflect the elegant luxury of the Madrid house.

Created by Loewe’s in-house perfumer Emilio Valeros, in conjunction with the specialists at Harrods, these perfumes create a marking point in ‘how to do classic luxury without selling out a brand’.

Since the brand first opend its doors in 1846, four generations of highly skilled creatives and designers have worked at making Loewe a name to be revered. Thus, the four fragrances pay hommage to Loewe’s fine heritage through their beguiling sensuality and highly intense ingredients.


Loewe La Coleccion Madrid 1 2 3 and 4.jpg

Numbered 1 to 4, each with an underlying story and representative emotion attributed to them, the first thing that appealed, as well as the overwhelming sense of richness, was the ease of recognition. Each perfume is distinctive with it’s own character and personality that comes through, even on first application. Not for Loewe the over complicated naming process and navel gazing of earnestly trying to be ‘different’. Loewe’s breathe and touch comes through easily – why make it complicated when it can be oh, so simple?

Loewe La Coleccion perfumes were developed as four quirk and grandiose perfumes.

Loewe La Coleccion 1

Loewe La Coleccion Madrid 1

Loewe La Coleccion 1 is characterized with passion, power and energy that emanates from its smell made of Bulgarian rose, orange blossom and Mysore sandalwood. It also evokes the Mediterranean feelings of fresh and pure feelings.


Loewe La Coleccion 2

Loewe La Coleccion Madrid 2

Loewe La Coleccion 2 is passionate, sensual and radiates warm and sensual feeling. It blends notes of redcurrant, Egyption jasmine and Mysore sandalwood.


Loewe La Coleccion 3


Loewe La Coleccion 3 exemplifies pureness, pleasures and delights with notes of bergamot, iris and cedarwood. This perfume will make any wearer desire for a luxurious life and exotic dreams.


Loewe La Coleccion 4

Loewe La Coleccion Madrid 4

Loewe La Coleccion 4 issomething that you feel, that you live intensely with your body, your memory, your soul…this perfume captivates with notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine and vanilla.’

The design of the flacons is equally as important to a brand that wants to relax classic elegance and style, the Art Deco rounded yet weighty style is subtle, clean and distinctive – no frills, just sheer statement classicism. A form that sublimates luxury encased in golden hued gift type case that unfolds and releases the fragrance on unwrapping, designed by creative director, Stuart Vevers. The uber wealthy can even order up a  limited edition handmade suede-gold vanity case that contains all four fragrances. Priced at £3,500 from  Harrods this is no light buy but a favoured choice of golden liquids that promise the earth and deliver Heaven.

Loewe La Coleccion Handmade Limited Edition Vanity Case

It is a very luxurious collection made of only natural essences. Loewe La Coleccion will satisfy and attract attention instantly with its elegant yet mysterious notes. Like the women they’re meant for, these perfumes have a  maturity and outlook that lends them a broader viewpoint. Well read, well heeled and well bred, these new releases from Loewe show how to make a impact.

Loewe La Coleccion is a collection of scents made of passion, sensuality, desire and eternity. Loewe La Coleccion fragrances are available exclusively through Harrods in 50 ml Eau de Parfum and costs 190 pounds per bottle.







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