By Kilian Night Jewels

By Kilian Night Jewels

Luxury niche fragrance by Kilian is launching a limited edition collection of four fragrances called Night Jewels (Joyaux de Nuit). The collection will offer specially designed bottles named: By Kilian Love And Its Prohibitions, By Kilian The Artificial Paradises, By Kilian The Temptations and By Kilian Arabian Nights. All these scents seem to leave only positive aroma behind and unique crisp aroma.

By Kilian Night Jewels Collection will be available in stores before the Christmas holidays. Night Jewels bottle collection are hand-made, and are crafted in Art Deco style and ornamented with gold, silver details and shining Swarovski crystals. All the flacons look stylish and modern – a perfect match between dark and light.

The limited collection flacons are refillable with the following fragrances: Prelude to Love, Love, Beyond Love, Love and Tears, Back to Black, Liaisons Dangereuses, Cruel Intentions, Sweet Redemption, A Taste of Heaven, Straight to Heaven.



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