Vera Wang Princess Night


She dances the night away and kisses the sun for good morning. Daydreams during the day and offers her attention to anyone who asks for it! She is glam, artistic, wild, well-spoken, sophisticated. She kisses frogs and princes, and sees how magic comes alive after midnight.

She loves sequin dresses, which she accessorizes with the sparkle in her eyes. She loves parties, especially the ones in which we are parting ways with the previous year and we look forward to the new one.

She kisses passionately, she parties hard and has no regrets. Regrets is for commoners, and true princesses live for the moment!


Famous Chinese/American fashion designer Vera Wang launches a new flanker of the famous Princess perfume in the beginning of next year. Princess Night, which is more intense than the original version, mixes floral notes with exotic woody accords. Vera Wang Princess Night will preserve the glamour and glowing style like the previous Princess Perfumes.

Sexy, Passionate and Wild! Vera Wang Princess Night blends exotic notes, fruits and woody accords. Top notes include wild berries, watermelon and raspberry along with hearty notes of jasmine petals, orange blossom and a touch of passionate rose. The sweet base melts with crushed sugar, vanilla and musk.


Princess Night bottle has the same heart shape as the original perfume decorated with dark purple glitter adorned with a silver crown cap.

Vera Wang Princess Night will be available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.



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