Nina Ricci Nina Fantasy



French maison Nina Ricci presents its new perfume Nina Fantasy – the new flanker to 2006’s Nina Perfume for Women. Nina Ricci Nina Fantasy is a fruity/floral perfume that will come in a limited-edition number. The new Nina Ricci Nina Fantasy perfume describes feelings of the much expected spring when everything blossoms and revives. This perfume will draw any wearer in a dream world full of flowers and happy feelings.

Created by Olivier Cresp, Nina Ricci Nina Fantasy is soaked with juicy notes of bergamot, mandarin, tangerine and pear trees. Touching cherry blossom, discreetly and spontaneously. Bathed in sunlight and velvety scent of roses and heliotrope. A touch of cane sugar and mate.


Nina Fantasy has the same apple bottle design, but this time in white ‘porcelain’ lacquer, punctuated by animated gifs, updated with pink/golden applications and a golden stopper. The face of this fragrance is beautiful model Florrie Arnold.

Nina Ricci Nina Fantasy will be available as 50 ml Eau de Toilette limited edition.




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