Czech & Speake Vetiver Vert

Czech & Speake Vetiver Vert detail

Vetiver Vert is the new fragrance launched by the British designer and retailer Czech & Speake. This woody/vetiver fragrance in already available in the Czech & Speake online store and later worldwide. Czech & Speake Vetiver Vert is described as a green, fresh and practical fragrance designed for everyday wear.

Top notes: Mandarin, Bergamot
Heart: Laurel, Galbanum
Base: Haitian Vertiver, Sandelwood

Czech & Speake Vetiver Vert blends refreshing notes of mandarin, bergamot, laurel, galbanum, Haitian vetiver and sandalwood.

Czech & Speake Vetiver Vert 100ml Spray

Czech & Speake Vetiver Vert will be available in one size as 100 ml Cologne.



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