Guess Seductive Sunkissed

Guess Seductive Sunkissed Bottle ad

Fashion house of Guess is launching a new version to their successful and alluring perfume Guess Seductive. Guess Seductive Sunkissed will appear in March 2012 and will be more romantic, more passionate and more girlish. It will have a pure, fresh scent truly sexy and free’ designed to impress any young woman.

Guess Seductive Sunkissed was created by perfumer Bernard Ellena as a seductive and lovely perfume. It blends pear, pink grapefruit, raspberry, black currant blossom, jasmine, orchid, vanilla, violet, musk and Macassar ebony. Seductive Sunkissed has the same bottle shape as the original perfume updated with a pale pink color adorned with a red lipstick. It will be a great accessory for who glamour and a la mode women.

Guess Seductive Sunkissed will be available as 50 ml Eau de Toilette from March.

Guess Seductive Sunkissed Bottle Box



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