Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur Collection


Agent-Provocateur-Eau-Provocateur-CollectionOne of the sexiest lingerie fashion houses in the world, Agent Provocateur, is launching a trio new fragrances full of glamour and seductive notes for daytime wear. Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur, Maitresse Eau Provocateur and L’Agent Eau Provocateur are inspired by iconic and famous fragrances Agent Provocateur launched in 2000, Maitresse launched in 2006 and L’Agent launched in 2011. Agent Provocateur never stops to impress its female wearers with enticing, charming, sexy and alluring new scents. Any woman has to have at least one Agent Provocateur Perfume to feel really seductive and provocative

Agent Provocateur L’Agent Eau Provocateur

Agent-Provocateur-LAgent-Eau-Provocateur-Bottle-and-CartoAgent Provocateur L’Agent Eau Provocateur comes in a whitish/black bottle, inspiring confidence and a strong personality woman. Despite its severe look, this amazing perfume blends fresh citrusy notes of bergamot, mandarin orange, green leaves, peach, apple, melon, ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose, tuberose, magnolia and freesia along with a seductive oriental base made of wood, musk, sandalwood and patchouli.



Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur

Agent-Provocateur-Eau-Provocateur-Bottle-and-CartonAgent Provocateur Eau Provocateur, which comes in a pale whitish /pink bottle, is considered the freshest of three perfumes. It blends pure/citrusy notes of orange blossom, lily of the valley, soft nuances of myrrh, vanilla and Tonka bean in the base.


Agent Provocateur Maitresse Eau Provocateur

Agent-Provocateur-Maitresse-Eau-Provocateur-Bottle-and-CarAgent Provocateur Maitresse Eau Provocateur comes in whitish/red intense bottle, inspiring an incandescent and hot love. It blends romantic and lovely notes of rose, iris, Sambac jasmine along with green Granny Smith apple, amber, sandalwood and Tonka bean.

Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur, Maitresse Eau Provocateur, L’Agent Eau Provocateur will be available as 50 ml Eau de Toilette.



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