Amouage Opus VI


Amouage Opus VI perfume fills up the successful Library Collection launched by the luxurious [erfume house of Amouage. Amouage Opus VI is described as an oriental, amber perfume completing the rest 5 fragrances. It has a priceless and elegant design that inspires chic and grace thanks to its golden stopper and simple yet stylish bottle.

Top notes: Sichuan pepper, Pimenta aracemosa (bay rum)
Heart notes: Patchouli, Cypriol (Cyperus oil), Periploca graeca
Base notes: Sandelwood, Ambranum, Z11, Cistus labdanum (rock rose)

Blending one of the most romantic notes, amber, Amouage Opus VI Perfume resonates of romance and passion. Opus VI opens its fantastic smell with Sichuan pepper, incense and Pimenta aracemosa (bay rum) along with long-lasting hearty notes made of periploca graeca, cypriol, patchouli, ambranum. The base leaves a wearer irresistible thanks to rare Z11 (synthetic dry wood), sandalwood and cistus labdanum.

Amouage Opus VI will be available as 100 ml Eau de Parfum.




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