Annick Goutal La Violette, love at first sight.

Annick Goutal La Violette Visual

In 2011, Annick Goutal re-launched its romantic and lovely perfume for women, La Violette. The perfume was composed by perfumers Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutal in 2001 and re-launched in 2011. Thanks to its concentration of emotions and of the beautiful smell of spring flowers, Annick Goutal La Violette is a timeless fragrance of falling in love.

Memories. Of small bouquets that we used to find on street corners. Of flowers in the middle of special meal tables, amidst the best white linen. Just like ‘La Violette’ house, in Aveyron, of which Annick was so fond.

Annick Goutal

With the ‘love at first sight’ flower, Annick Goutal La Violette plays around the violet flower, moreover it emanates the sweetness of candied violets and its sensuality. It opens with violet flower leaf and Turkish rose. The meltdown stars with fresh green notes of spring flowers and powdery accords. Even though it is a woody/green/floral fragrance, La Violette is not a daily scent as it is intense and violet-inspired long-lasting.

Flower, stem and leaf are used to make this sublimely green floral fragrance. With its delicate touch of rose, the violet is powerfully seductive. For just one night, life becomes one big opera – and you are the star!

Annick Goutal

Annick Goutal La Violette is available as 50 ml Eau de Toilette.





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