Ferrari Essence Oud

Ferrari Essence Oud.jpg

Luxurious Italian brand Ferrari is presenting a new powerful, strong and luring fragrance for men, Essence Oud. Ferrari Essence Oud will define strong, powerful, energetic men with strong confidence and appealingness. The new fragrance smells classic, elegant and seductive.

Ferrari Essence Oud will please men who adore intense and strong aromas. It is a heady fragrance made of olibanum and elemi resins, spicy accords of cumin and saffron, ad seductive rose. The base of Essence Oud is labdanum, leather and the main precious ingredient oud from Arabia. Ferrari Essence Oud fragrance smells romantic touched by subtle sexiness and sensual notes.

Essence Oud by Ferrari comes in an intense red color bottle with a stopper as a wooden ring colored in red color, and is available as 10 ml travelsize and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.




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