Hilde Soliani Gli Invisibili

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Italina perfume house Hilde Soliani launches the Gli Invisibili Collection, featuring seven sensual fragrances: 24/09/11, Bambolina, Io, Presenze, Tutti Matti Per Colorno, Vagabondo and Zio Agide. Hilde Soliani Gli Invisibili collection is designed to praise and accentuate ones personality. Each of these fragrances comes in a simple cylindrical transparent bottles with silver stoppers.

Hilde Soliani 24/09/11



24/09/11 is fresh and luminous built around delightful and long-lasting notes of amber, incense and myrrh, combined with the milky green, uninhibited notes of calamus. It is a daily fragrance with a nice aroma.

Hilde Soliani Bambolina



Bambolina is a little spicier yet fresh and modern enough to satisfy the teenage airs and graces. It is a fruity fragrance made of cherry blossom and watery notes along with lemon, apricot, bergamot and musk.

Hilde Soliani Io



Io is described as soft, sensual, and powdery made of iris infused with pink pepper. It leaves behind a feminine aura touched by a naughty temper.

Hilde Soliani Presenze



Presenze is lighter and refresher tamed with soft notes of bergamot, lily of the valley, patchouli and vetiver. The amber and vanilla notes makes this fragrance less sweet yet warm and long-lasting.

Hilde Soliani Tutti Matti Per Colorno



Tutti Matti Per Colorno is a summer fragrance with a revitalizing, fresh aroma ideal for those hot sunny days. It blends hay, flower grass, wildflowers, sweet licorice-y infused with wild fennel.

Hilde Soliani Vagabondo



Vagabondo perfectly describes energetic wearers that love to travel to different places. It blends birch, walnut trees, oak, green gigs, rare spices and rose trees.

Hilde Soliani Zio Agide



Zio Agide is an elegant and stylish fragrance with much-loved notes made of lavender and fern leafs. It is a new fragrance with a pleasant aroma ideal for modern men of today.

The Hilde Soliani Gli Invisibili Collection is available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum.




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