Molyneux Quartz Je T’aime

Molyneux Quartz Je T_aime

Maison Molyneux Paris presents a new spring/summer fragrance Quartz Je T’aime. Molyneux Quartz Je T’aime is the new and fresher flanker to Molyneux Quartz from 1978. Quartz Je T’aime comes in round crystal bottle filled with a delicious pink juice and a silver-transparent stopper. It will be girl’s must-have accessory for party time or daily walks. Thanks to its easiness and pureness, Quartz Je T’aime will tempt you to try it and to love it.

Molyneux Paris presents its new creation, a fresh and feminine Eau de parfum for all women who love French elegance and the whirlwind of Parisian life. Decisively impertinent, Quartz je t’aime is the signature of a modern saga. An invitation to live, laugh and love. Ca c’est Paris!


This adventure begins with the sparkling charm of joyful, sun-drenched tangerine, then unfurls with the modern floral notes of rose and lily. Musk and vanilla exalt this appealingly delicious fragrance.

Molyneux Quartz Je T’aime is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

Molyneux Quartz Je T_aime bottle



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