Bois 1920 Rosa di Filare


Bois 2012 ROSA-DI-FILARE1_spo

Bois 1920 fills up its Le Voluttuose collection with a new perfume Rosa di Filare. The new perfume is described as an eternal symphony of deep romantic feelings and emotions.

Bois 1920 Rosa di Filare fascinates and impresses with opening notes of bergamot, mandarin and lychee along with touches of roses, lily of the valley silent rustle immersed in an atmosphere of comfort and secret desires. The base is made in the Italian tradition with iris and patchouli that glow and flash. Rosa di Filare is one of those romantic and passionate perfumes that will be always appreciated and noticed!

Rosa di Filare is full of love and admiration – a delicate and elegant perfume with mysterious and secret desires. Bois 1920 Rosa di Filare is available as 100ml. Eau de Parfum.




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