Beyoncé Midnight Heat

Beyoncé Midnight Heat .jpg

Pop icon and a successful personality, Beyoncé is enlarging her perfume wardrobe with one more thrilling and passionate perfume, Midnight Heat. Since 2010, when Beyoncé introduced her debut perfume Heat, her fragrances were quickly sold and praised for their freshness, passion and alluringness. Beyoncé Midnight Heat is described as a fresh and light perfume that evokes romantic and exciting emotions.

Beyoncé Midnight Heat is a glamour fragrance that will capture attention constantly. It opens with a sweet fruity flavor of plum notes and star fruits along with orchid, black tulips and purple peony. The base is composed of patchouli, sensual amber and sandalwood.

Beyoncé Midnight Heat will be available as 15, 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.






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