Loewe 7 Natural


The Spanish house of Loewe presents a new fragrance for men, Loewe 7 Natural inspired by nature’s beauty and elements. The new fragrance joins the I Loewe Me – a nice and adorable perfume for women. However, Loewe 7 Natural is the fresher and energetic edition to the original Loewe 7 from 2010. Even though it inspires a cool air and a light breeze aroma, Loewe 7 Natural will perfectly suit men during warm weather and cool days.

In a display of creativity composed exclusively of seven ingredients, this is a fragrance that is full of vitality. Free-spirited, natural and passionate, it is a mellow and masculine Eau de Toilette. This fragrance ideally describes the modern man of today who likes to be in the spotlight and to look appealing.


Loewe 7 Natural blends seductive, passionate notes of citrus/spice/wood. Six ingrediënts are of natural origin, while only one is synthetic (musk). Loewe 7 Natural opens with citrusy notes of yuzy (Japanese citron) and bitter orange along with incense and black pepper. The base dries down with woody notes, cedar, vetiver and musk.

Top: Yuzu, Bitter orange
Heart: Incense, Pink pepper
Base: Cedar, Vetiver, Musk

Its pale blue color bottle is eye-catching making Loewe 7 Natural look modern and stylish. For a man who is free-spirited and authentic, a 21st century hero.

Loewe 7 Natural is available as 50 and 100 ml. Eau de Toilette.


loewe-7-natural 1





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