J. Del Pozo Halloween Blue Drop

J Del Pozo Halloween Blue Drop Banner2a

Spanish fashion house Jesus Del Pozo presents a new perfume for women, Halloween Blue Drop – the new ‘fresher and lighter’ version of Halloween from 1997. This time, Halloween Blue Drop impresses with a light blue design and a sensual, caressing and exciting aroma. J. Del Pozo Halloween Blue Drop is more spicy/woody with a modern style and a distinctive aroma.

Halloween blue drop is a fragrance aimed at a timeless woman who has no boundaries. She has no past, present or future because her reality is dreams. Everything delights her, everything lets her mind escape into the soft clouds of the blue sky. The winds of life gently rock her, and her desires. The color is the color of dreams: blue, sugar blue; because it is sweet, soft, ethereal, dreamlike.

J. Del Pozo Halloween Blue Drop is created by perfumer Hamid Merati-Kashani as an aromatic citrusy/woody perfume that will leave behind a seductive, sexy aura. It blends citrus, green apple, lavender, jasmine, violet flower, white flowers, amber, musk and cinnamon.

J. Del Pozo Halloween Blue Drop will be available as 100ml. Eau de Toilette.






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