New Art Collection by Martine Micallef

M. Micallef Logo

M. Micallef was introduced by Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Nejman in Grasse in 1997. Martine Micallef isn’t only an artist and designer, but she runs also a beauty institue in Cannes, France.

On the 1st of July 2012, Parfums M. Micallef announced its new deluxe collection of four fragrances, marvelous hand-decorated, named Vanille.

This year, I wanted our Art Collection to look natural which is actually very trendy. And I have chosen rough material such as craft paper and linen. I also wanted to evoke summer mood, with gold leather for the sun and copper leaf for the sun-tan.

Martine Micalef

Created by perfumers Jean-Claude Astier and Geoffrey Nejman, the Vanille Art Collection encompasses four wonderful perfumes each of them combining the sweetness of vanilla with specific notes of leather, oriental, floral and water fragrance families. This four-movement symphony is written to fulfill individual desires as well as to elude good taste of pleasant smells.

M_Micallef Vanille Art Collection perfume bottles banner

This collection has wonderful perfumes made with the best natural oil of Bourbon vanilla extracted from Madagascar.

M. Micallef Vanille Orient

Vanille Orient is an oriental type perfume that cleverly combines the strength of sandalwood with the sweetness of vanilla, with subtle notes, characteristics of Oriental mysteries. Vanille Orient is a scent full of attractivity.

M. Micallef Vanille Marine

Vanille Marine is a watery type perfume composed of lemon and blackcurrant along with vanilla and white flowers. The base is made of Benjoin, musk and woody notes. Vanille Marine opens on vitalizing and fresh olfactiv notes to introduce white flowers and vanilla. It is an unexpected scent that evokes vanilla covered with sea spray.

M. Micallef Vanille Fleur

Vanille Fleur is a floral type perfume composed of peach mixed with rose and vanilla notes. Vanille Fleur opens with juicy peach olfactiv notes, and reveals a harmonious balance between the rose femininity and the vanilla sensuality.

M. Micallef Vanille Cuir

Vanille Cuir is a leathery type perfume composed of mint leaf, bergamot and lavender along with cinnamon, cumin and orange blossom. The base is made of Tonka beans, vanilla and cedar. Vanille Cuir opens with aromatic notes of mint and lavender, combined with bergamot, then the spices, cinnamon and cumin spread on a background of vanilla, cedar and Tonka beans.

Due to its French roots and French tradition of crafts and luxury, the M. Micallef Company gives priority to qualitative and natural ingredients in its fragrances and magnifies each bottle in its art studio. The special Vanille Art Collection comes from Martine Micallef’s desire to unite art and perfume.

The Vanille Art Collection is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum for 115 and 175 euro.




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