DSQUARED² Potion for Women


Fashion house DSQUARED2 presents the female version of Potion perfume in a fascinating and sensual form. DSQUARED2 Potion for Women is the counterpart to DSQUARED2 Potion Eau de Parfum – male version. Potion for Women will appear in fall as a strong, intense and elegant perfume with a plenty of staying power. This fragrance has the seductive and the right potion to allure and seduce any man.

DSQUARED2 Potion for Women is composed of high-end ingredients and emante a pleasant smell to follow. Potion for Women is described to be an oriental/floral perfume with a chypre character created by perfumer Christine Nagel.



It blends the following potion: 2 bergamot petals, 3 fresh wild blackberries, 1 pinch of violet, 7 dewy rose petals, 3 jasmine flowers, 2 buds of lily of the valley, 1 drop of rhubarb, 3 ½ cups of black and white musk, 2 dashes of black amber, 1 patchouli leaf, and 1 ½ shells of golden vanilla. DSQUARED2 Potion for Women has a unique and impressive composition that will attract any women to smell and buy it.

DSQUARED2 Potion for Women will be available in 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.






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