Montale Candy Rose and Aoud Ever

Montale launches two new wonderful fragrances for women Candy Rose and Aoud Ever for the fall time. Every year, Montale surprises women with its delicious, sparkling and sensual aromas sealed in attractive colored bottles. Montale Candy Rose and Aoud Ever will show up in October and are described to be exotic fruity/flowery perfumes composed of the main ingredient aoud. Candy Rose and Aoud Ever hit an interesting contrast with each other and illustrate the versatility side of the oud note.

Montale Candy Rose

Montale Candy Rose

Candy Rose is more about flowery/woody fragrance touched by exotic nuances and sweet fruits. It opens with black currant, raspberry, lychee and mandarin notes along with rose, jasmine and patchouli. The base drydown with white musk, vanilla and orange blossom notes. Montale Candy Rose will please women more than men thanks to its delicious and fresh notes.

Montale Aoud Ever

Montale Aoud Ever

Aoud Ever is a citrusy/leathery fragrance composed of chypre notes mixed with oud accords that makes this perfume smell rich and tantalizing. Also it blends bergamot, Calabrian mandarin, vetiver, patchouli, black pepper, sandalwood, ambergris and Tonka absolute. Due to its neutral and calm smell it would please both men and women.


Montale Aoud Ever and Candy Rose are both available as 100ml and 50ml Eau de Parfum.




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