NARSskin Optimal Brightening Concentrate

NARSskin Optimal Brightening Concentrate

The Nars skincare line – NARSskin – launched earlier this year, mainly includes products meant to work with your makeup. There are cleansers meant to take off all your makeup, and moisturizers that provide an optimal canvas for layering colour on top of.

The best skin is skin that can reflect light.

François Nars

The essence of the NARSskin collection. Infused with NARS’ exclusive Light Reflecting Complex, this advanced radiance-boosting serum instantly brightens skin and revitalizes the complexion. Potent Multi-Action Vitamin C clarifies and evens skin tone while working long term to prevent and help repair signs of aging while encapsulated Noni Fruit Extracts boosts cellular energy. Dark spots begin to fade from view and skin appears youthful, prismatic, and illuminated.

I tried the NARSskin Optimal Brightening Concentrate which has a light lotion consistency – super easily absorbed and fresh – and has light-reflecting particles in it to make your skin look brighter and more clear. I used this for a few weeks, and have seen an improvement in the way that my skin looks softer and brighter. It delivers excellent moisture and instant glow!

The upside to using them is that there’s no risk of sun sensitivity when you use them, and you will end up with more even-toned skin in the long-run. Another huge plus is that this worked so well with your foundation. Make up sits really well on it and it just infuses into the skin… you can apply concealer straight away and don’t have to wait to dry… Perfect under your sheer glow or on its own for a flawless gloat complexion!! ….you would love it!




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