Tous Kids by Tous


Spanish fashion house Tous launches two wonderful fragrances for kids with soft, amazing and sweet aromas simply named Tous Kids.

We are the same in different ways.

Lucky like a four-leaf clover, daring like a mandarin, lively like neroli. Sweet like a candy apple, refreshing like grass, like drops of water… Mysterious and profound like licorice, secret like a hidden cabin in the chestnut tree…

tous-kids-1Both fragrances have simply yet attractive and bright designs.

Tous Kids Girl



Tous Kids Girl is described as a pleasant juicy and delicious fragrance with a sweet taste of lemon candy, cupcakes and mandarin along with raspberry, tender musk and vanilla ice cream. “Fun like eating lemon candy, exquisite like the taste of a cupcake, tasty like fresh raspberries on vanilla ice cream.

Tous Kids Girl comes in a pink bottle with an intense pink stopper decorated with a girl.

Tous Kids Boy



Tous Kids Boy is a fresh fruity and pleasant fragrance with a citrusy/floral green aroma. It blends neroli, mandarin and four-leaf clover notes along with fresh herbs, candy apple and is refreshed with drops of water. The base leaves a nice aroma of chestnut wood, licorice and musky notes.

Tous Kids Boy comes in a blue bottle color, with a dark blue stopper decorated with a boy.





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