Lalique Satine Extrait de Parfum crystal edition

Lalique Satine Crystal Edition2

A few months ago we talked about it before: the latest fragrance of Lalique. French Maison Lalique launched a new perfume for women named Satine, sensual, graceful, seductive and amazing feminine perfume with a delicate aroma.

Satine is an intensely modern seductive perfume, like the woman that it portrays: a blend of indulgence and addiction, it irresistibly leads those who approach it in its trail.

The inspiration for the newest Lalique women’s perfume Satine was: dance, movement, grace, seduction, sensuousness, whirlwind, powdery colors, transparency, fluidity.

Top Note: Jasmine, Heliotrope, Gardenia
Heart Note: Tonka Bean, Pink Peppercorn, Vanilla
Base Note: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Sandalwood

For the French Maison Nathalie Lorson created Lalique Satine, a sweet sensuality due to Tonka bean note mixed with white flowers. It opens with a delightful aroma made of light flowers along with vanilla and spiced notes of pink peppercorn. The base impresses with lasting aroma of sandalwood, cedar, patchouli and suede. The base will give a warm and sensual impression to all women wearing it.



Lalique has created two radiant bottles for Satine: glass for the Eau de Parfum and a crystal masterpiece for the Extrait de Parfum. The crystal bottle containing the Extrait de Parfum results from the rediscovery of a particularly complex technique, whose expertise the Lalique master glassmakers possess: pinching. This technique consists of pinching the crystal in the center of the bottle so that the Extrait de Parfum is held solely around the bottle’s circumference. Decorated with a motif of four women in long dresses, the heart of the bottle symbolises the endless circle of time and is inspired by the ‘Rosaces figurines’ pocket watch created by René Lalique in 1905.

The iconic stopper inspired by the Langeais collection completes the adornment of Satine’s Crystal Edition, a skilful blend of history and modernity, art and craftsmanship. To create this bottle, the crystal is taken up and hot-worked with precision to create the pinched motif. Before it is introduced into the cast iron blow mold heated to 400°C, the crystal is flattened and preformed. The central decoration is pressed, while the master glassmaker very quickly blows the bottle to give it its shape. The bottle is then placed in the tunnel oven and annealed for seven hours. The handcrafted stopper is the fruit of the work of two glassmakers.

Lalique Satine Crystal Edition

The bottle’s finishes are cold-worked: polishing, sandblasting, adjusting the stopper’s fit and grinding it in to pair each bottle with its own stopper. A pink satin ribbon, Satine’s adornment of choice, graces the neck of the bottle. Finally, there is the crucial step of selection, then numbering and the Lalique signature. This precious bottle holds the Extrait de Parfum, whose accord heightens gardenia and heliotrope’s floral sphere with black pepper. The textured sphere cloaks tonka bean in a deeply sensual ambergris note. The woody sphere, worked in an ‘overdose’, amplifies the composition’s gourmand trail and power. Voluptuously feminine, charming and enveloping, Satine dresses the Lalique woman in the most beautiful of fabrics.


Lalique Satine Crystal Edition


Designed by Lalique’s Creative Studio, the Eau de Parfum bottle takes its inspiration from ‘La Perle Noire’, a bottle created by René Lalique in 1924 for Forvil. Rays of sun fan out from around a black pearl placed at the heart of the bottle. Satine’s bottle, evoking the swirling movement of a dancing woman’s pleated skirt, forms an asymmetrical and sunray rosette with alternating shiny and satiny rays. The luxuriously weighted silver-toned cap is decorated with the swallow logo that Lalique has chosen for its emblem. The Eau de Parfum bottle nestles in an incredibly graceful and feminine pack created by the Aesthete-Thierry de Baschmakoff agency. Matte white and shiny black enhance the pearly pink shade adopted on the ribbon effect that surrounds the Satine pack in an ultimate touch of refinement.

Perfume Satine is available in 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum flacons and in a luxurious 40 ml crystal flacon as Extrait de Parfum, followed by perfumed body care products Crème Riche et Parfumé Pour le Corps (200 ml) in a beautiful jar, and Lait Parfumé Pour le Corps (150 ml) and Gel Douche Parfumé (150 ml), both in a tube.

Lalique Satine Crème Riche et Parfumé Pour le Corps 200 ml






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