Yoga for Men – Simple Ways to Avoid Perils and Enjoy the Benefits

According to a recent NY Times article published December 22, 2012, men injure themselves supposedly more frequently than women while practicing yoga. Le Male Yoga is on a mission to proof this wrong. A man’s body is fundamentally different from a woman’s body, it only makes sense that men need a different practice than women even though yoga poses are unisex. As Yoga Journal’s 2012 study states, men account for 17.8% of the 20.4 million Americans practicing Yoga. Most yoga studios cater to women’s bodies, discounting men’s unique body blue prints.

Practicing Yoga can be perfectly safe, if you know your abilities, skill level and history of injuries, so you can attend the right class for your with the teacher that fulfills your needs.

Joshi Schwarz

Le Male Yoga in New York City opened its Yoga for Men studio and specializes in only offering Yoga classes for Men to build on the strengths and weaknesses of men, creating a practice that gives men a safe place embodying the masculinity of yoga while at the same time building a strong male community. Joschi Schwarz – Owner of Le Male Yoga – has a medical background and worked in the field of sports medicine for numerous years. Schwarz knows the male body inside and out and has the experience and knowledge to create safe, challenging and fun classes for men.

However, it is important for men to make smart choices for themselves. Like any other physical activity, injury can occur. There are simple ways to avoid injury and improve strength, flexibility and mental focus to name just a few of yoga’s many benefits.

It is extremely important to find an appropriate class according to skill level, fitness level, age and history of injury from other activities. Le Male Yoga offers Power Flow Yoga in beginner to advanced levels to give men the opportunity to practice at their skill level. Just as important as the appropriate class is finding the right teacher. Besides having the knowledge of yoga, anatomy and philosophy, finding an instructor who has the ability to adjust to their students and give them exactly what they need. Last but not least, telling an instructor about previous injuries is essential in having a safe and fun experience, giving the instructor the possibility to modify the practice.

Practicing Yoga can be perfectly safe, if students attend the right class with the right teacher. Le Male Yoga prides itself on having the specific knowledge and expertise to create an appropriate experience for their male students.

About Joschi Le Male Yoga:

Le Male Yoga is for fit men who aim to initiate a lifestyle that liberates, expands and energizes. Le Male Yoga offers Tantra and Vinyasa Yoga to give fit, in-shape and athletic men a unique opportunity to recharge their body, update their mindset and celebrate life.

Le Male Yoga provides a welcoming and real community for all men – gay, straight or bisexual – who enjoy fitness, communal bonding, socializing & having fun in a safe and judgment-free atmosphere. Explore Power Flow Yoga for a high-heat, high-energy workout, Tantric Yoga to tap into your sexual core energy and Yogassage to enhance the body’s erotic potential.

Whether students are beginners, advanced practitioners or somewhere in between, LMY offers something for every man. Le Male Yoga offers one-of-a kind classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training programs in New York City and around the world. Come into the beautiful world of  Le Male Yoga.

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